Transferring to an University

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At first, transferring to an university was not my game plan. I planed on becoming a Registered Nurse at San Joaquin Delta College. Things just fell into to place for me. I explained my situation to my Accounting teacher and he suggested California State University, Sacramento. I visited the college and thought it was beautiful. After doing some research, Sacramento State ended up being my final choice. I could afford moving to Elk Grove and I would not have to commute 2 hours a day.

When I started, school was a little hard. I didn’t know anyone at the school or Sacramento. The year I transferred, I think was the first year of major budget cuts. There were people standing in the hall waiting to add classes. I thought to myself, I’m good, I was 3rd on the waiting list three days ago. Little did I know, that did not matter. They completely wipe out the wait list a few days before school starts. Then they would add the people who were closest to graduating. I only could get into three classes my first semester, but I was grateful for even that.

After a semester or so, I started to feel a little more comfortable. I met knew people and started to try new things on campus. The only thing I could do was make the best of my new home and school. Soon, I will come to realized, I’m actually proud I had the courage to move and happy I got to experience this chapter of my life…



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