Educational Advice: Meet Your Classmates

Class Room

Class Room (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your sitting in the classroom waiting for the teacher to walk in. There is only one other student near you. I know you might not want to talk to anyone, but getting to know this student may be very helpful in the future. Think of a question to ask or compliment them on their laptop bag.

This person may be able to give you notes when you miss class due to a flat tire. This person may give you their number so you can ask them questions about their homework. This person may be the same major as you and know some good teachers to take. This person may work at the place you want to work. At very least, this person may just be someone cool to talk to while your waiting for class to start. This person could end up being a long time friend.

So, the next time your in class and just waiting for class to start, I challenge you to talk to someone.


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